Checking my change (2001)

driving home
the dawn of a full moon
pulling me up the mountain
the moon knocks on my windscreen
just love him
the moon says
stop checking your change
no ones ripped you off
just love him
love him for what he is



Soma Coma (2007)

I am water
to be blessed
equally accursed
melancholic melody
lick dirt from my wound
tastes like alien acid
hurling garments
into the blaze
break free
burn up
soma coma
golden carcass
I devour my ashes
turn to the raven sun
there I am
feet collide with earth
after taste of mercury trips
taints the stench of ebony soot
celestial cycles spit me out
ephemeral journeys
they must ebb
fixed fate
we flow


One Way Ticket to Mongolia (2007)

A luxury I can afford to forgive
lone wolf howling
in an empty desert
red angel dressed in blue
dissolving in a black hole
which way?
either way
Jack of Hearts
Queen of Jupiter
dreaming of days less full
less psychic dodge ball
butterfly bitch nectar
spacious womb of one thousand stars
dress me in your uterine dust
blood bath of cosmic proportions
swallow me in your fiery thrust
one way ticket to Mongolia
it’s just a metaphor
for nowhere near here




Little Crescent Moon (2008)

Standing on the steps to an ancient temple
Cymbals and drums fill the entire space
rolling through my being
Smoke bellows from fire filled cauldrons
infusing my body with earthly tones
Beyond the wild landscape
I see the edge of the world
and the entire universe beyond
Stars roam and collide
Two crescent moons
the smaller blazes a trail across the horizon
the greater magnetised to the first
following with speed and fever
In their journey, they are joined
My little crescent moon
Your drum beats every minute in my belly
Wake up…Wake up…Wake up…
When I hear your mantra
All self-doubt dissolves
My heart returns the signal
Yes, little one
I must wake up
I can do this
I will do this
How can I deny you this?

Waking with deep healing tones
reverberating throughout my being
Cleansing and washing away all static
Calm and smooth like a vast lake
on a still winter’s night
We bathe in peace

Today I felt you
You penetrated the veil
the veil of death, life, death
When I breathe, I sense you
I know you are awakening to this world
that you are becoming
You push and pull me in this magical dance
and with your cajoling you bless me
one hundred thousand times
little crescent moon
leading me to liberation
May you be well and happy

Today I felt you curling up inside of me
deeper and deeper you retreat
You are silent and still for one whole sun
and one whole moon
My belly vibrates like a humming bird
a deep pulsing echoes from my womb
I rest with you and travel starways
You are pulling the moon, planets and
the stars into my being
Suckling on the milk of the universe
Drawing the essence from the earth
rocks, trees and mountains
You flood my being with this celestial food
I bathe in the great river of creation
coursing throughmy veins
pouring into your great reservoir

We emerge from deep sleep
I am full and renewed
Through our journey
I have been rebuilt
reforged through the heat of the stars
little crescent moon
little chenresig in my belly
where shall you lead me next?





My Lover (2010)

we spend our lives
looking for love
in that one person
when the world awaits
as an unrequited lover
pregnant with creation
and cessation
what is life
without a love for the world
a world without oxygen
without heat
without water
the world is my lover