“The time has come to reclaim, retrieve, reconnect and reintegrate the power of the Black Goddess, the magical self and the limitless power of intelligent purposeful co-creation.”
– Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber, Excerpt from ‘Eighth Ray Magic, The Magic of the Goddess, The Magic of Co-Creation: A Handbook of Celestial Wisdom, Magic and Alchemy.’

According to ancient wisdom keepers we have entered the Aquarian Age, the age of the Mother energy. This age is occultly referred to as the ‘Reign of the Goddess’, when the Goddess will return and be restored to her rightful place. It has been foretold that this is a time when primal feminine power will be reclaimed and awakened after thousands of years of repression and suppression.

In the Age of Aquarius the Goddess returns in her universal expression as Isis-Urania or the Black Goddess, also known as the Black Madonna. The colour black is symbolically associated with the night, the heart of the cosmos and the mystery of creation. The Black Goddess, the Creatrix is associated with alchemy, magic and ritual. 

The eight-pointed star motif in these works is inspired by traditional quilting patterns and it is a reference to the eight-pointed star of the Goddess and her supreme totem the Octopus, whose tentacles represent the eight directions and dimensions. The eight-pointed star is also a reference to Eighth Ray Magic and Alchemy, which is at the heart of this creative work.

Every ancient tradition has its apocalypsis and in the Hermetic tradition there is a prophecy that speaks of a time when men will no longer care for the Earth and everything will be thrown into primal chaos. It is also foretold that at this time of chaos the Earth will be restored and redeemed through magic.

This work is my homage to the Black Goddess, the Great Goddess of Creation. This series is inspired by prophecy, alchemy, magic and the mysteries of nature. It is an expression of the goddess fire of creation, the creatrix energy of the kundalini or ‘dragon fire’ within. It is a magical offering dedicated to the restoration of the Divine Feminine and the restoration of Mother Earth.

Teresa Goodin
February 2020