Spring Cleanse

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It is spring again and the earth is like a child that knows poems by heart
– Rainer Maria Rilke

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! I have been inspired to create a flower essence blend to celebrate spring and support a spring clean of one’s outer and inner world. This blend contains native plant essences that support release, purification, transformation, expansion and vitality. A great flower essence blend to support a physical cleanse and detox or to enhance dietary awareness. This blend can also support spring cleaning of one’s home and surroundings enabling one to de-clutter and let go of things that which no longer serve. It is an excellent blend for those who are ready to embrace change, regeneration and the spirit of spring. Spring Cleanse features the following essences from First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®:

Native Passionfruit

The Lover of Life, abundance consciousness, inner vitality, raised energy levels, liveliness and vigour, open-hearted relationship with life, enjoys the variety, sweetness and good things of life. Helpful for tiredness, exhaustion, procrastination and lethargy.

Purple Koromiko

Keeps it simple, seeks to bring wholeness to body, mind and spirit, able to call upon deeper levels of physical and metaphysical endurance, exercises discrimination in the choice of diet and food. Helpful for depressed immune systems.

Purification, self-regeneration, catalyst, metamorphosis, release, purges or eliminates old energies, taps into fundamental, creative, regenerative forces, opens one up to the transformative power and healing energy of universal love.

Release, rebirth, re-invention of self, transformation, major shifts, eliminates and sheds to make way for the new, releases old patterns or negative energy, de-clutters, releases dis-empowering or non-regenerative behaviour patterns. Useful when dieting or fasting to hep rid oneself of the old.

Initiates change, lives authentically, open to expansions in consciousness, able to access new levels of energy, freedom from old entrenched beliefs and attitudes, helps one dismantle or destroy that which is false or artificial in the life and which no longer serves.


Renewal, being true to oneself, rebirth, vision for an entirely new life, new possibilities, revitalisation, experiences a new dawn and is ready to answer life’s call, emerges from a state or sense of dormancy, supports a commitment to major inner changes and the ability to forgive and transcend regret.

Caring for the self, knowledge of and practical application of the principles of holistic healing and living, being alert to your own needs, staying open to expansion, continuing to grow on your path. This is a Healer’s Essence and is particular helpful for those who are involved in healing work.

Liberates old, stuck, unproductive energy; transformation of the energy of spaces, restoring harmony; makes way for new energy to circulate and increases wellbeing.


This flower essence blend is available in a 25ml treatment bottle (one month’s supply) for $25. Order your Spring Cleanse flower essence blend now.

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Information sourced from “The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa, Volume One.” by Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber.
























Soul Power Blend

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During a consultation with a client I often include constitutional essences in a flower essence remedy or recommend a constitutional flower essence blend. I call this remedy the Soul Power Blend, as it supports you to align the personality with the soul and unlock your potential. The Soul Power Blend is a unique combination of native plant essences designed to bring you into alignment with your true self, maximise your potential and support you to live your life in a conscious, powerful and dynamic way.

It includes eight native plant essences which directly relate to your day of birth including your Keynote Essence© or Power Flower©, which corresponds to your zodiacal sign, personality archetype and your most positive expression. This blend brings a sense of wholeness to your life and also includes two additional Flower essences, a Fern essence, a Tree essence, a Seed essence and two Plant essences from the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® range.

36 Personality archetypes

The 36 flower essences in the First Light Flowers of Transformation Set correspond to 36 personality types or archetypes. Each person has a Keynote Essence© also known as the Power Flower© which corresponds to the time of the year they were born. The positive qualities associated with your Keynote Essence© also correspond to the divine gift or gifts that you have come in with to share with the world. First Light Flowers Essences of New Zealand Co-creator Franchelle Ofsoskye-Wyber refers to these gifts, as our ‘good medicine’ that we bring to share with the world to help make it a better place.

Using the Keynote essence is a excellent way to address the split between the soul and personality and close the gap between our inner and outer natures. According to Dr Bach, the pioneer of modern flower essence therapy, illness was the result of a conflict between the purposes of the soul and the personality’s actions and outlooks. This internal war, according to Bach, leads to emotional imbalances and energetic blockage, which causes a lack of harmony, thus leading to physical diseases. The keynote flower essence helps you to keep our personality in a harmonious and energetically balanced state.

rgb-triangleThe Keynote essence has a astrological association with one of the twelve zodiacal signs. Each of the 12 zodiacal signs corresponds to three specific New Zealand native flower essences. To support the personality maintain a harmonious relationship and alignment with the soul, all three essences that correspond to a person’s zodiacal sign (sign sun) are included in the Soul Power Blend. These three essences create a healing triangle referred to by Franchelle Ofsoskye-Wyber as the ‘Nature’s Therapeutic Triad’, which promotes growth, expansion and consolidation. This healing triangle also addresses pain, stress and depression and transforms negative personality dispositions, behaviours and attitudes. Using the three essences associated with your zodiacal sign can support you to move beyond conditioning and raise consciousness.


The Soul Power Blend contains another healing triad which features your constitutional Fern, Tree and Seed essence. These three native essences correspond to the day of the week that you were born. Each day of the week is ruled by one the seven classical planets in our solar system which correspond to the seven major chakras in the human energy system. The constitutional fern, tree and seed essences focus on one of these seven chakras and help to maintain the energetic integrity of that chakra and the corresponding layer of the aura and strand of DNA.

The constitutional Fern essence clears unresolved trauma and negative energetic imprints from the aura or energy field. It also has a clearing and restorative effect on the energy field and can be used for daily aura maintenance. The constitutional Tree essence balances, strengthens, protects, energises and clears a particular chakra. The constitutional seed essence helps to release us from powerful core negative beliefs, fears and limiting patterns and move on to a harmonious, integrated and successful future.

big_thumb_7762ebb09bda1d7f61cf3b6601d0c9c2The last two native plant essences in the Soul Power Blend belong to The Life Enhancement Set and correspond to archetypal soul lessons. The first plant essence corresponds to your life path or life lesson, the particular soul lesson that you have come to learn and master in this lifetime. The second plant essence corresponds to the soul lesson you are mastering during the current year. Both essences are calculated using the numerology of your date of birth. According to Franchelle Ofsoskye-Wyber these plants essences help us to successfully participate in our life, experiencing it as a magical journey with a series of challenges, tests, trials and initiations through which we can progress and emerge empowered and whole.

The Soul Power Blend is a unique custom-made flower essence remedy that helps you express your unique gifts and realise your potential. It is particularly useful when you are feeling stuck, negative or experiencing a lot of change to help you stay positive and cope with the demands of life. I recommend using the Soul Power Blend on a daily basis to support balance, harmony, personal growth and evolution. It is also a great remedy to return to when you begin to experience anger, anxiety, stress or depression.

I offer Soul Power Blends in 25ml treatment bottles (one months supply) for $25 each. I also offer illustrated reports, which explain the 8 constitutional essences in the the Soul Power Blend for $25. The Soul Power Blend is also a wonderful gift to give to family and friends. To order your Soul Power Blend and/or Report please fill out this form or contact me directly on 027 4543585.

AUTUMN SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase the Soul Power Blend and an 8-page illustrated PDF report for $40 (save 20%). Offer valid until 31 March 2016.


Deep Healing Programme


Deep Healing

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy”
– Albert Szent-Gyorgi

When working with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® it is often appropriate to work with an essence treatment programme. While using one’s constitutional essence blend on a regular basis is a simple and effective way to support wellbeing, there are times when one may desire or require a more comprehensive and deeper level of healing. I am increasingly recommending a Deep Healing Programme for my clients, which involves taking First Light fern essences, tree essences and seed essences over a six month period. The three stage process replicates the natural order or matrix that restores and sustains holistic wellbeing and inner harmony. It is also a perfection reflection of the sacred healing methods used by shamans, medicine men and woman for thousands of years.

The first stage of the deep healing programme involves taking an essence blend of First Light fern essences for two months (two lunar cycles). This aura cleanse and detox programme addresses the seven individual layers of the aura that hold the seven fundamental traumas and the associated tertiary fears, which express as an unconscious avoidance of specific life situations. The aura holds within it energetic imprints and the cellular memory of everything we have ever experienced and this is why it is important to work with the aura when we are restoring wellbeing. To maintain holistic wellbeing it is vital that all of the layers of the aura are clear, functioning correctly and working together harmoniously. The fern essences can be used to ensure that a river of pure ‘chi’ circulates through our holistic being. By using the fern essences we enhance and support a healthy, robust and strong aura, free from disharmonious energetic imprints.

38. Rasp Fern
No. 38 Rasp Fern. From The Fern Collection, First Light Flower Essences of NZ®

The second stage of the deep healing programme involves taking an essence blend of First Light tree essences for two months (two lunar cycles). This chakra cleanse and detox programme is designed to balance, strengthen, protect, energise and clear the seven major chakras that correspond to the seven ductless glands and the vital organs of the body. The tree essences address chakra imbalance, impactation and malfunction that can result in over-compensation or under-compensation of the chakras. The tree essences also address secondary fears held in the chakras that generally express as anxiety. The chakras can become blocked when levels of anxiety reach a critical mass and inhibit the natural flow of energy through the chakras, which can prevent or limit the energy flowing through them, which in turn compromises holistic health and wellbeing. Healthy fully functioning chakras direct vital energies to the major organs of the body and facilitate a harmonious energetic resonance throughout the physical and metaphysical being.

46. TotaraNo. 46 Totara. From The Tree Collection, First Light Flower Essences of NZ®

The third stage of the six-month deep healing programme involves taking First Light seed essences for two months (two lunar cycles). This ancestral healing and release programme can address ancestral, hereditary and past life issues facilitating the release of problematic patterns and blocks that manifest as health and behavioural problems. The seed essences release primary fears held at the DNA level that generally express as deep unconscious fears, blocks in consciousness or as depression. This programme is designed to release core negative beliefs and distorted limiting programmes, enabling one to redefine, reorient and realign distorted patterns in consciousness. The seeds act as catalysts for deep shifts in consciousness and empower one to break through karmic cycles and overcome inertia. The seed essences enhance, support and maintain optimal DNA function and restore the master patterns for harmonious living and right relationship with all life.

No. 51 Broadleaf. From The Seed Collection, First Light Flower Essences of NZ®

This deep healing programme is suitable for people of all ages and can be undertaken for a variety of reasons. It is particularly beneficial for people who are experiencing chronic or on-going health issues that they have not been able to overcome or move beyond. This deep healing programme can compliment a physical detox to produce a deeper level of detoxification, making it an excellent addition to pre-conception care for those wanting to be in an optimal state of health before they conceive. The deep healing programme can be undertaken by anyone that is wanting to experience deep healing and holistic wellbeing. The programme is a great process for the whole family to go through, promoting harmonious relating and holistic health.


Ideally a deep healing programme should be undertaken before chronic conditions or dis-ease occur. Once dis-ease has manifested in the physical body it can be a difficult and lengthy process to restore harmony and balance, if we can shift or transform dis-ease in the energy body before it manifests at the physical level we can not only heal much more rapidly and with greater ease but we can prevent physical dis-ease from actually manifesting. The individual formulas can be used on a regular or on-going basis to maintain the integrity of the aura, chakras and one’s energetic core (DNA), in this way the essences can support holistic wellbeing in a very proactive and effective way.

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Information sourced from “The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa, Volume One.” by Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber.


Manifest your Dreams

“Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.”
– Arnold H. Glasow


Manifest your dreams with this unique flower essence blend created from First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®. This flower essence blend is for people who know what they want and where they are going, but would like some support to help them stay focused and achieve their goals. If you have a dream, this flower essence blend can support you to manifest it!

Native Passionfruit
No. 5 Native Passionfruit. The Abundance Essence. This essence supports abundance consciousness and financial success through blending motivation and passion. Native Passionfruit raises energy levels and promotes inner vitality and strength to cope with difficulties. Helpful for procrastination, tiredness and lethargy.

24. Poroporo
No. 24 Poroporo. The Willpower Essence. This essence supports personal resolve, staying power and discipline in the face of difficulty. Helps you to know everything is possible and become the conscious creator of your own destiny. Helps you dig deeper within oneself to discover untapped physical, emotional and mental resources. Helpful for those who are pessimistic or find it difficult to summon the will to bring about change or transformation.

30. Ngaio
No. 30 Ngaio. The Responsibility Essence. This essence supports industrious commitment, patience and the ability to slowly realise one’s goals. Helps you take responsibility for making things happen and manage your time and energy to achieve goals. Supports you to create well thought-out strategic work structures and routines. Helpful for rekindling optimism and hope.

No. 44 Kahikatea. The Structure Essence. This essence promotes responsibility, reliability, commitment and prosperity. It can support you to feel more disciplined, ordered and grounded. Helps you feel effective, vital, organised and fully present. Helps you plan and determine what systems, routines, disciplines and structures are necessary to bring dreams and visions into physical reality.

63. Karamu
No. 63 Karamu. The Manifestation Essence. This essence promotes focused intent, directed will, concentration and the ability to multi-task. Supports you to feel capable, to know you have everything you need to succeed and promotes belief in oneself and one’s abilities. Helps you take charge and manifest what is needed into the life. Helpful for those who feel overwhelmed or ill-equipped to deal with a situation or task.

66. Rangiora
No. 66 Rangiora. The Masculine Power Essence. This essence supports you to embrace leadership, take responsibility and act in an empowered and purposeful manner. Promotes motivation, self-confidence, self-determination, self-reliance and effectiveness. Helps you live in an empowered fashion, take charge, create plans and systems to make things happen. Use to project oneself powerfully in the world, to win a job, get a raise or gain a job interview. Helpful for those who have unresolved issues around ambition and the ability to strive or succeed.

69. Bracken Fern
No. 69 Bracken Fern. The Triumph Essence. This essence supports you to overcome challenges, create movement and take action. Promotes determination, ambition and drive for success. Promotes courage, determination and intelligence to achieve goals. Supports you to have control of your life and destiny. Helpful for those who feel defeated by obstacles or fear opposition/competition.

72. Shining Spleenwort
No. 72 Shining Spleenwort. The Synchronicity Essence. This essence supports you to align yourself with the synchronicity of the universe. It promotes good fortune, luck and attracts opportunities and positive circumstances. Helps you to learn to ‘go with the flow’ and attune to the natural cycles, rhythms and timing. Assists you to know when to act and when to wait. Helps you to be open to new cycles of growth and be comfortable with life’s natural changes. Helpful for those who are afraid of the future or change.

This blend is available in a 25ml treatment bottle (one month’s supply) for $25.

I am available for one-on-one consultations in person or by skye if you would like a personalised flower essence blend. And if you would like to receive my latest news and offers please sign up for my newsletter.

Information sourced from “The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa, Volume One.” by Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber.


Elixir of Love

“Your task is not to seek for Love,
but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself
that you have built against it.”

– Rumi


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with my Elixir of Love flower essence blend. Whether you are in love or you are looking for a special soul to share your life with, this elixir of love made from native plants found in the ancient forests of Aotearoa will boost love in your life and deepen your relationship with yourself and the one you love. A blend to enhance intimacy, sharing and your capacity to give and receive love. The Elixir of Love blend can be customised for you or your partner by adding your keynote essences (by providing their birthday). This unique flower essence blend contains the following native plant essences from First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®:

19. Lover's Daisy20. Lover’s Daisy. The Love Essence. Promotes love and a natural healthy romantic nature. Helps one stays true to one’s self. Enhances powerful affection or appreciation of someone or something of importance. Assists one to have wholehearted acceptance of oneself and one’s partner.

20. Wineberry20. Wineberry. The Co-operation Essence. Promotes romantic charm and vivacious. Assists one to feel stimulated and contented in relationship and maintain individuality and independence in relationships.

21. Hinau
21. Hinau. The Sacred Space Essence. Promotes a sense of self-completeness and helps one to feel comfortable on one’s own. Promotes loyalty and emotional maturity in relationship and enables one to be wise in love and make well thought out emotional choices.

10. Starry Hibiscus
10. Starry Hibiscus. The Tenderness Essence. Promotes selfless love, devotion and inner emotional security. Helps one to care for one’s self, satisfy one’s own dependency needs and emotionally sustain one’s self.

23. Lacebark
23. Lacebark. The Fearlessness Essence. Promotes openess and deeper levels of intimacy and sharing. Enhances natural sexual magnetism and helps one positively tap into one’s emotional and sexual depths and embraces one’s sensual and desire nature.

40. Silver Fern
40. Silver Fern. The Trust Essence. Promotes self-acceptance and clear boundaries around the expression of trust. Supports one in the journey to re-connect with one’s loving self. Helpful for those who have experienced rejection, abandonment or betrayal supporting deep heart-felt emotional clearing.

47. Kauri
47. Kauri. The Beauty Essence. Promotes self-acceptance and supports one to radiate a feeling of wholeness and a loving sense of self. Promotes healthy intimate relationships and the ability to know when to give and when to receive enhancing the receptivity and capacity for love. Assist one’s ability to express one’s true self in relationship.

54. Houpara
54. Houpara. The Compassion Essence. Promotes compassion, love, tenderness, deep understanding, intimacy and deep genuine heart-felt relatedness. Helps one to surrender to one’s soul self and break free from limiting intimate relationship patterns.

68. Puriri
68. Puriri. The Discernment Essence. Enhances a sense of inner union with one’s self and helps one experience balance, inner unity and wholeness within the psyche. Helps you listen to your own heart and follow it. Helps one to see the qualities we are attracted to in another are the very qualities one is seeking to integrate or reconcile in oneself.

This blend also includes Sensual Support© a special combination of essences made by First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® that promotes love, intimacy, passion, fulfilment and ease of emotional and physical expression.

Bridal TreeNo. 115 Bridal Tree. A potent shamanic essence that sends out a ‘call’ for your spiritual partner and creates the intent to unite with the next appropriate life relationship. (This is a very special extra essence that I am offering to all single people that purchase a bottle of my ‘Love Elixir’ flower essence blend.)

This blend is available in a 25ml treatment bottle (one month’s supply) for $25 or purchase two 25ml treatment bottles for $40. Free delivery in New Plymouth area until 5pm Friday 14th February. Place your order for a bottle of the ‘Elixir of Love’ flower essence blend here.

Come and see me for a consultation on Valentine’s day (Friday 14th) and receive a 50% discount off my deluxe and standard consultations. A wonderful gift for someone you love or a divine gift for yourself. Limited spaces available and bookings are essential.

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Information sourced from “The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa, Volume One.” by Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber.