Black Moon Lilith celebrates the Wild Woman archetype and the reclamation of primal feminine power. Black Moon Lilith is the latest work by collage artist Teresa Goodin and part of her ongoing exploration of feminine archetypes through the lens of mythology, astrology and esoteric wisdom.

Lilith, the first woman according to Hebrew lore. Lilith was Adam’s first consort, not Eve. Adam and Lilith were created at the same time, from the same clay, unlike Eve, who according to legend was created from one of Adam’s ribs. Lilith refused to be subservient to Adam and in particular she refused to lie underneath him during sex. She left the Garden of Eden due to Adam’s refusal to accept her as an equal. Lilith has sometimes been portrayed as the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, the one who guided Eve to partake from the Tree of Knowledge.

Lilith was demonised, like so many woman in myth and history that challenged patriarchy, either directly or indirectly simply through their independence and power. Like Medusa, Lilith was wounded with injustice and became a dark creature: a demon, witch, vampire, and seductress. Lilith is not a dark demon but an aspect of the Great Goddess worshipped in antiquity under many names. Many of the myths we have inherited speak of the emergence of the patriarchy and its subjugation of the pre-existing Goddess worshipping cultures. These ancient narratives that demonise, subjugated and annihilate the feminine are deeply rooted in our culture and perpetuate patriarchal power. Dismantling patriarchy requires us to dismantle these narratives, so we may reclaim and restore the feminine collectively and personally.

Black Moon Lilith refers to an aspect in astrology, which represents the latent power and desire that is hidden within us. She is the force of nature within us, neither good nor bad, simply wild. She is untameable and pure, primal feminine power. The position of Black Moon Lilith in natal chart can indicate repression and neglect. From a psychological perspective Lilith can represent resentment, rejection and exile in the Anima (feminine aspect) of men and women today. Lilith can also be considered as the shadow of the Zodiac signs and as such is associated with our latent power and potential.

‘For women today who have been victimized and rendered passive and obedient, there is gold lying hidden in this shadow character: She can represent a woman’s capacity to say no, her desire for equality and independence, and her natural, wild instincts, which may return while healing.’ – Connie Zweig and Steve Wolf write about Lilith in Romancing the Shadow.

Lilith represents the untamed, uninhibited, uncontrolled and unconditioned feminine. She is a symbol of freedom, independence, and feminine empowerment. In these collages images of women from vintage Playboy magazines have been re-contextualised as powerful deities. The demure submissive gaze of the centre-fold has been replaced with the fierce gaze of a powerful untamed creature. These wild woman are at home in the wilderness, adorned with feathers, flowers, fins, claws, horns and wings, they give expression to primal feminine power. These collages seek to redefine female sexuality as wholesome and natural, free from conditioned submission, repression or shame. The snake symbolises the Kundalini or life force energy and the potential to harness sexual energy for spiritual awakening and enlightenment. The snake is also an ancient symbol assciated with the Goddess, healing and transformation.