I work with the First Light Porta Alchemica® products, the modern day alchemists toolkit containing special combinations of energies from plants, planets, stars, gems and minerals to enable you to become the magician of your own life. With these specialised alchemical tools and rituals from the book ‘Eight Ray Magic: A Handbook of Celestial Wisdom, Alchemy and Ritual’ you have the opportunity to use the magic and power of alchemy and ritual to manifest what you desire in your life. The Porta Alchemica® oils and elixirs work like building blocks to take charge of a specific area of your life and create change at will. Create your own unique life story, one that is empowering, fulfilling and deeply satisfying.


The Eighth Ray Ritual of the ‘Five-Fold Fire’ to ‘hallow’ and consecrate using Porta-Alchemica elemental incenses. This is a ritual for purfication and sanctification that balances and harmonises the elemental nature. Designed to clear lingering negative energies and energetic imbalances or disturbances. Also used to ground, balance and prepare for ritual.


The Eighth Ray ‘Shield of the Elements’ Anointing Ritual is conducted using Porta-Alchemica Elemental Anointing Oils. It confers the blessings from the elemental regents of earth, water,  air and fire and the quintessence upon the recipient. This ritual confers protection through ensuring the elemental nature is harmonised and integrated.


The Eighth Ray ‘Flower of Venus’ Libation Ritual is used when you want to apply celestial influence to change your personal world. This complex ritual is performed with Porta Alchemica Incense, Anointing Oils and planetary, zodiacal and mansion of life Elixirs to vitalise, empower and manifest a new life story.


3 Eighth Ray Rituals including the ‘Five-fold Fire’ Incense Ritual, ‘Shield of the Elements’ Anointing Ritual and the ‘Flower of Venus’ Libation Ritual.