Empower and Uplift ~ Supporting one’s journey to wholeness and contributing to total wellbeing by assisting the personality, soul and spirit.



Balance, Harmony and Wholeness ~ Contributing to the total wellbeing of individuals, families and communities.


Te Wheke – The Eight Dimensions of Wellbeing
Honouring and nurturing the eight dimensions of the being and supporting a fully conscious relationship with all aspects of one’s self and with all life:
Tinana Honouring the physical self.
Whatumanawa Cherishing one’s humanness and the healthy expression of emotion.
Mana Supporting the expression one’s absolute uniqueness and identity.
Whanaungatanga Celebrating the extended family and the inter-relatedness of all life.
Mauri Nourishing the soul and the life force.
Taonga Treasuring the gifts from the ancestors.
Hinengaro Experiencing one’s whole mind.
Wairua Honouring one’s spirituality and spirit self.


The Four Pillars of Life
Supporting the temple for spirit in physical life and the pure expression of our true nature:
Koa Transforming disharmony into joy.
Aroha Healing trauma and pain with love.
Pono Supporting personal truth and empowerment.
Aio Releasing fear and restoring peace.