Spiritual Protection & Clearing

I’ve recently meet several people who have expressed concern about unwanted energies in their homes. People will often start the conversation by saying something like, ‘I know this is going to sound like I’m going crazy…’ But I can assure you that I don’t think people are crazy when they start talking about such things.

If you feel uneasy and sense that something strange is going on in your home  then I recommend using the ‘Spiritual Protection and Clearing Kit’ that I’ve created. It includes a flower essence remedy (for ingesting) and a flower essence spray (for the aura and for spaces.)

The remedy and the spray contain the following native plant essences, most of these plants are from the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Shamanic Collection, these plants are considered the Warriors of the Plant Kingdom. I’ve experienced their power and benevolence many times and can attest to their effectiveness in dealing with harmful or unwanted energies.

No. 77 Clematis – The White Light Protection Essence. A space clearer for negative energy, cleansing and purifying both internally and externally. Helpful for those that are caught up in fear or attracting negative energies.

No. 100 Mahoe – Raises the vibration and assists with stuck energy and low energy environment.

No. 108 Tarata – Spiritual and psychic decontaminant and cleanser.

No. 109 Marsh Ribbonwood – A spiritual antidote for intrusive spiritual energies, curses, difficult entities. Removal of internally or externally created entities. Helpful for those influenced or affected by elemental energies, entities or other interference.

No. 117 River Clutha Daisy – Assists souls who are lost, stuck or grounded in otherworld realms to go ‘home.’ Useful to clear oneself of unwanted energies or attachments which may be lost souls wanting to go home.

No. 118 Silver Pine – Transforms the energy of spaces. Helps clear negative energies trapped in locations, land and buildings or negative energies permeating places or personal items. Useful for ‘bad vibes’ in buildings or rooms and angry spirits on the land. Used to remove unwelcome energies within one’s home, land or place of business.

No. 119 Hutu – Calling on higher forces for divine intervention and the restoration of divine order. Asking anything that has no right to be there to leave.

No. 120 Golden Speargrass – Deals with malevolent entities and dark forces.

The Spray also contains Holy Water, Tourmalinated Quartz and organic essential oils including Frankincense, Sandalwood, Orange, Lavender, Cedarwood, Marjoram, Amyris and Chamomile.

Directions for use
Treatment Bottle: 2-4 drops, 3-4 times a day.
Spray Bottle: Lightly mist your chosen space or hold the mister 30cm from your body and spray 6-8 times around the body. Do not spray in the eyes or mouth, for external use only.

You can purchase the Spiritual Protection and Clearing Kit for $50 or buy the treatment bottle or spray separately for $25 each.