The Celestial Mirror

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The Celestial Mirror – Exploring the Cosmic Mandala of your Life
A Residential Weekend Workshop with Teresa Goodin
Wangapeka Retreat Centre
6 – 8 July 2018

The starry vault of heaven is in truth the open book of cosmic projection – Carl Jung

A Residential Workshop with Teresa Goodin. During this weekend workshop you will explore your unique astrological birth chart and create a personalised native flower essence blend designed to harmonise your inner cosmos, enhance your gifts and maximise your potential.

Your astrological birth chart is a snapshot of the heavens at the exact time of your birth and is considered by astrologers to be the map of your destiny. The birth chart is your unique astrological mandala, which reveals your gifts, challenges and opportunities for growth serving as a navigational guide for your journey on earth. Astrology is a tool that provides a holistic view of one’s self, it can help to illuminate the meaning and purpose of our life, as well as how to navigate our way to our highest potential.

Flower essences are an ancient form of vibrational medicine used to promote holistic wellbeing and facilitate the expansion of consciousness. Vibrational essences are powerful allies for anyone who aspires to deepen self-awareness, transform limiting patterns and realise their potential. We will be working with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®, the most comprehensive integrated range of flower essences in the world.

In this workshop you will:
• Learn the fundamentals of how to read your birth chart and explore the key planets and their influence in your life.
• Identify your constitutional native flower essences that correspond to the key aspects in your birth chart.
• Create a native flower essence remedy to help you harmonise your inner cosmos, enhance your gifts and maximize your potential.

No previous experience necessary. The workshop begins at 6pm Friday night and ends at 2pm on Sunday afternoon.

Investment: $275 (early bird $245 if paid in full at least one week before the course starts). Plus Dana (donation or koha) for Teresa

The costs include: your own room, 3 meals a day (including tea and coffee), the cook’s fee, a personalised flower essence remedy and course materials.

The course fee do not include any payment for the teacher. To enable people from different circumstances to access this workshop Teresa is giving her time freely and covering her travel expenses. By giving dana you have the opportunity to reciprocate her generosity. Please give as generously as you can and please bring cash to pay your dana or koha.

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