Nature’s Healing Matrix

Nature is always lovely, invincible, glad,
Whatever is done and suffered by her creatures.
All scars she heals,
whether in rocks or water or sky or hearts.

John Muir


Throughout history humanity has looked to nature to promote healing. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, recognized this powerful attribute in his humbling statement: Nature cures—not the physician.

Nature uses a very specific sequence to heal herself after natural disasters such as fires, volcanic eruptions and floods. Such disasters usually destroy most if not all vegetation and animal life, yet nature’s infinite intelligence holds the vital keys for regeneration. Her self-regeneration moves through five sequential healing phases. A natural five-fold process exists in all healing, whether it is mother nature herself or human being going through a healing process.

This five-fold healing process is a core aspect of the sacred plant medicine of Aotearoa, which when applied and worked with, is a perfect reflection of the sacred healing methods used by shamans and medicine men and women for countless generations. Franchelle Ofsoskye-Wyber, renowned medicine woman and co-creator of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand refers to this pattern as the holistic matrix for health and wellbeing or simply Nature’s Healing Matrix.


Nature’s Healing Matrix has a five-fold focus and each of the five different layers of Nature’s Healing Matrix is specifically addressed by five distinct sets of essences in First Light Flower essences of New Zealand range. The outworking of nature’s restorative and regenerative power is perfectly reflected in five distinct sections or families including; flower essences, fern essences, tree essences, seed essences and plant essences. By working with this five-fold healing model and with Mother Nature, an individual can restore their own inherent energetic wellbeing and wholeness.

Nature’s Healing Matrix, the First Light approach to self-healing and working with flower essences, replicates the way holistic wellbeing and health is naturally sustained both in nature and within all aspects of the personal being. This matrix uses an order of healing and restoration that is implicit in nature, the function of which is to maintain wellbeing through re-establishing systematic co-operation at all levels within the holistic organism.


The First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand approach to wellbeing works with a fundamental five part pattern or sequence that is the basis for restoring and maintaining holistic wellbeing. This sequence is to transform, clear, balance, re-pattern and grow.  These five elements or areas of focus make up the natural process for maintaining or re-establishing energetic wellbeing and harmony throughout the whole person.

“The laws of harmony are followed by Mother Nature in the creation of her plant kingdom and by working with Nature’s Healing Matrix we can totally re-align consciousness and maintain wellbeing and harmony through working with the native plant intelligence of Aotearoa” says Franchelle Ofsoskye-Wyber.