Mother’s Love

mothers love

To coincide with the Full Moon in Cancer today I am releasing this unique flower essence blend made with native plant essences from First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand. Mother’s Love has been created to support mothers and their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. This blend is inspired by my own journey as a mother and I created it especially for those who are struggling with the demands of being a mother and feel like they need more support. This blend brings the joy back into the journey of being a mother and celebrates the role of mothers. 25ml treatment bottles (one months supply) are available to purchase for $25.

This unique flower essence blend contains the following native plant essences from First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®;

7. Mountain Parahebe
7. Mountain Parahebe. The Communication Essence. Inner release, focus, mental calmness, breaks through to a new dimension of consciousness, positive enhanced capacity for communicating at a new level. Useful for times when one feels like one’s back is to the wall, afraid one may break down under the mental strain.

12. Native Harebell
12. Native Harebell. The Tenacity Essence. Emotional resilience, takes responsibility for own emotions, can put others first without losing personal identity, confident in one’s mothering abilities, demonstrates supportive loving kindness. Useful for post-natal depression and depression relating to home, home environment, family, parenting, being a ‘good mother’ and the mothering experiences.

15. Mingimingi. The Dignity Essence. Serenity; quiet inner peace; self-respect; sustained pleasure and vitality; allows natural soul urges to express in the life; the wisdom to value and integrate play; pleasure and fun into the life; a strong sense of creative identity outside of work commitments. Useful for easing depression and for those who are out of touch with their inner playfulness or creativity due to early or heavy responsibilities.

18. Purple Koromiko
18. Purple Koromiko. The Simplicity Essence. Keeps its simple; self-acceptance; seeks to bring wholeness to body, mind and spirit; able to call upon deeper levels of physical and metaphysical endurance; works with simple effective tools and taps into ageless wisdom. Useful for those who experience guilt, regret and always feel like they could do better. Also helps with depression relating to order, physical everyday work and daily mundane routines.

King Fern
37. King Fern. The Security Essence. Self-preservation; feels alive, present and physically safe/secure; able to relax. Clears, repairs, strengthens and protects the physical/etheric layer. Helpful for those who have experienced miscarriage, induced or difficult births, separation/divorce or any form of physical trauma.

44. Kahikatea. The Structure Essence. Stable; self-sufficient; grounded; structured; disciplined; feels supported, safe and secure; prosperity; feels effective, vital, organised and fully present; focused and capable of meeting life’s challenges; experiences a productive healthy physical and financial life. Balances, strengthens, protects and energises the base chakra – the centre that regulates our physical responses to life.

51. Broadleaf
51. Broadleaf. The Reverence Essence. Reverence for life; right living; care and consideration for one’s physical environment, physical self and one’s immediate environment; improved patterns of material and financial wellbeing; consciously creates new improved life foundations or structures; lives in harmony with nature; at peace with being physically incarnate, one’s environment and family. Clears the genetic lineage of both past lives and the family line, releasing karmic blocks and negative patterns around security, structure and reverence.

64. Koromiko
64. Koromiko. The Wisdom Essence. Intuition; equilibrium; neutrality, energetic autonomy; inner poise and tranquility; stillness; calmness; enhanced inner reserve; able to deal with stressful situations in a stress-free manner; Accesses the eternal divine feminine – the ‘wise woman’ within; the ‘time our essence’ to get back in touch with oneself; going to one’s inner oasis to be refreshed. Helpful for women who feel they do not fit onto the traditional role of the ‘mother’.

Tree Fuchsia65. Tree Fuchsia. The Feminine Power Essence. Abundance; inner harmony; emotional serenity; feelings of love and completeness; pleasure; contentment; secure within one’s femininity; able to nurture oneself; experiences co-operative harmonious relationships; heightened sensual enjoyment, responsiveness and female libido. Use to access the limitless creative power of the great mother energy. Use for emotional support during motherhood.

74. Golden Corokia
74. Golden Corokia. The Surrender Essence. Inner grace; patience; dedication; sacrifice; letting go; has a strong spiritual reality in the face of life’s challenges. Use when the duty or the needs of others have to predominate over one’s own personal desires.

Tanekaha81. Tanekaha. The Joy Essence. Happiness; optimism; sense of fulfilment; sheer delight in one’s daily life and pleasure in ordinary activities; embraces success; expanison; a sense of wellness; freedom at a soul level; energised, able to enjoy life; feels one has a new lease on life; proud of who one is and pride in one’s accomplishments; restore joyous child-like enthusiasm and connect to the joy of the inner child as a source of wellbeing.

Dicksonia squarrosa - wheki
88. Wheki. Self-care. Caring for your healer self; knowledge of and practical application of the principles of holistic healing and living; being alert to your own needs; staying open to expansion; continuing to grow on your path.

Information sourced from “The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa, Volume One.” by Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber.