Summer Solstice

My Summer Solstice Flower Essence blend is now available. Release your past, step into the light and be all that you can be. A powerful blend to super-charge your new year’s resolutions and prepare for a successful and fulfilling 2014. $20 for a 25ml treatment bottle (one months supply). Limited edition, only twelve bottles available.

white solstice

This unique flower essence blend contains the following native plant essences from First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®;

21. Hinau
21. Hinau. The Sacred Space Essence. Listening and trusting the inner voice, a sense of self-completeness, works through suppressed/repressed emotional issues, emotional maturity.

22. Manuka
22. Manuka. The Purification Essence. Metamorphosis, faces one’s shadow, purges or eliminates old energies, renewed vitality through releasing and integrating pain and powerful deeply buried feelings.

25. Kowhai
25. Kowhai. The Growth Essence. Moves beyond old limitations, beaks bonds with the past, free-spirited, believes in oneself, open to personal change and new potentialities.

75. Whau
75. Whau. The Release Essence. Rebirth, transformation, releases old patterns or negative energy, declutters, able to break free from attachments that are holding one back.

83. Kakabeak. The Completion Essence. Fulfilment, successful closure, wholeness, individuation, synthesis, a sense of true self, neutrality with the past, sense of limitlessness.

28. Chatham Island Geranium
28. Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not. The Aspiration Essence. Healthy ambition, goal setting, desire’s activities that give form to one’s potential, desire’s to carve out an identity for oneself or make a contribution to the world, believes one can be successful and manifest one’s worldly goals.

63. Karamu
63. Karamu. The Manifestation Essence. Focused intent, belief in one’s self, makes the decision to be all that one can be, knows one has everything needed for success, discovers and uses one’s unique gifts, has the inner resources to cope with any situation, bring dreams to fruition.

84. Kawakawa
84. Kawakawa. The Faith Essence. Moving forward fearlessly, courage, starting afresh, experiences true inner freedom, believes one can do the impossible, lives positively in the moment and is willing to take a chance, enhances a connection with life and creates a powerful protective resonance in the energy field.

Information sourced from “The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa, Volume One.” by Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber.